Enduring World Records and Feats of Drone Photography

Photography is an art of chasing beauty, and the emergence of drones has brought new possibilities to photographers. With its unique perspective, flexible mobility and high-resolution image sensor, drone photography has become a new force in the photography world. In the development of drone photography, photographers have not only created a series of breathtaking works, but also created some feats of enduring world records. Here are some of the enduring world records and feats of drone photography. You can also go to www.jkdczrh.com official website to buy your favorite products.

1. The highest flight altitude record

UAVs have a very high flying altitude, which makes it possible to capture scenes that are usually out of reach. Currently, the highest flying drone camera is the “HALE-D” (High Altitude Long Endurance Drone) jointly developed by NASA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The UAV conducted a test flight in the United States on October 26, 2018, and successfully flew to an altitude of 48,000 feet (about 14,500 meters). This feat not only set a new world record for drone photography, but also has important application prospects in the fields of scientific research and monitoring.

2. The longest flight time record

While drone technology continues to develop, battery technology has also been greatly improved, which has greatly extended the flight time of drones. Currently, the drone camera with the longest flight time is the “Shenzhou-1” drone developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The UAV conducted a test flight at China’s Gansu Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on August 12, 2020, and successfully achieved a world record of continuous flight of 34 hours, 16 minutes and 43 seconds. This feat not only proves China’s strong strength in the field of drone technology, but also provides more possibilities for long-duration aerial photography.

3. The largest voyage record

The range of drone photography depends not only on the flight time, but also on the endurance of the drone. Currently, the drone camera with the longest range is the “Volocopter VoloCity” developed by the German company Volocopter. The UAV conducted a test flight in Germany on August 26, 2020, and successfully flew a distance of more than 37 kilometers (about 23 miles). This feat not only expands the range of drone photography, but also brings more possibilities for applications in specific fields, such as drone delivery, drone transportation, etc.

4. Record of the largest number of pixels

The success of drone photography lies in its ability to capture high-resolution images. Currently, the drone camera with the highest pixel count is the “H6D-400c MS” developed by the Swedish company Hasselblad. The drone camera is equipped with a 10-megapixel full-frame sensor, and successfully captured 420-megapixel images through multiple shots and composites. This feat not only broke the world record for drone photography, but also provided photographers with more creative space and imagination.

The enduring world record and feat of drone photography showcases not only the advancement of drone technology, but also the courage and creativity of photographers. With the continuous development of technology, we believe that the feat of drone photography will continue to be refreshed, bringing us more surprises and touches. Whether it is the beautiful scenery overlooked from a high altitude, the spectacular buildings, or the exciting motion pictures, drone photography will bring us a unique visual experience. Let us look forward to drone photography continuing to create more lasting world records and feats!

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